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The Southern NM Fiber and Arts Festival

November 14-15 | December  12-13

Open House Event

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handwoven garments
for women and men.



Tres Manos Weaving of New Mexico Inc. is a 501(C)3 charitable, tax exempt organization located in Mesilla, NM that provides free training in the artisan skills of weaving, business skills, and life skills so that low income women (at or below the poverty level) who speak English or Spanish, can become professional weavers for Tres Manos and increase their family's financial security and quality of life in southern Dona Ana County, NM.


Southern Dona Ana County is a rural, border area within 50 miles of Mexico and the State of Texas. The area is home to 37 colonia communities (unincorporated areas) that are among the least economically developed areas of the country. More than 1 in 3 families with related children under 18 years old live in poverty. Over 65 percent of the population is Hispanic and over 50 percent speak Spanish at home. English is their second language. Over 50 percent of families in poverty have no one who graduated high school. Over 60 percent have only one

or no worker in the workforce.


In southern New Mexico there are severe economic barriers to people who lack educational achievement of high school graduation or higher, lack English proficiency, lack reliable transportation, and lack computer skills. Many women are limited to cleaning houses, caring for relatives at home, or agricultural work because of these barriers.


Tres Manos Weaving of New Mexico Inc. creates a successful pathway for low income women to achieve successful self-employment as creative artisan weavers. Tres Manos sells beautiful hand-woven garments and home accessories created by the weavers. Seventy percent of the retail price is paid to the weaver. Tres Manos weaving classes for adults and youth are taught by the weavers and strengthen grassroots support.


The effectiveness of Tres Manos and its programs is best described by the weavers of

Tres Manos: "Tres Manos has greatly improved our lives, building self-esteem, earning money to pay bills, encouraging creative expression, and achieving a higher quality of life."

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