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The Southern NM Fiber and Arts Festival

November 14-15 | December  12-13

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handwoven garments
for women and men.



The Tres Manos Boutique is located in the historic Old Tortilla Factory

in Mesilla, NM. The boutique features the hand-woven garments and home accessories created by the weavers of Tres Manos.  The boutique is open every day except Monday. Check store hours on the

contact page.


It’s not possible to show you all of the wonderful colors and patterns of the hand-woven products, so we have included a few different types of products below so you can see the variety of products for casual wear and special occasions. All of the Tres Manos hand-woven products are created in a pet-free and smoke-free environment. Threads include: cotton, wool, tencel, rayon boucle, chenille, and bamboo silk. Garments can be hand-washed in warm water with mild soap, lie flat to dry.

Or, dry clean.

Scarf—This hand-woven red tencel scarf has a magnificent geometric pattern. The fringe is hand-twisted. The dimensions are

79 inches by 7.5 inches. The fringe is 4 inches. The boutique has a wide variety of colors and patterns of scarves for men

and women. We can also custom make you a scarf!

Straight Shawl — This beautiful sage green silk shawl  is an ideal companion to a “little black dress” special  occasion or worn over a suit or dress for business. The shawl has a beautiful drape and detailed pattern. Dimensions are 20 inches by 84 inches. The

hand-twisted fringe is 5.5 inches.

Mobius Shawl —These shawls can be made in a variety of threads—from cotton to chenille and are great for casual wear and for occasions that go from day to night. A Mobius shawl is a long connected fabric that is twisted in the front and is sewn in the back to create a V shape that makes it easy to put on and take off. It is finished with hand-twisted fringe that starts at the nape of the neck and goes down the back 19 inches in total. The fringe on the back makes this a dramatic statement and is 5 inches long. Dimensions are 18.5 inches by 30 inches to V point.

Square Poncho —This square poncho is hand-woven with olive green and variegated chenille threads. This piece is great for casual or office wear. The dimensions are 16 inches by 39 inches. The boutique has a variety of ponchos in different patterns and colors.

Light Jackets —The weavers of Tres Manos create a variety of light jackets in a variety of threads and patterns as well as single colors—with and without hand-twisted fringe. Dimensions vary by the type of jacket. Styles include cocoon jackets, boleros, and fringed jackets.

Home Accessories —The Tres Manos weavers create hand-woven home accessories in cotton and other fibers and colors that match your home décor and complement your dining room or brighten an outside eating area. You’ll love our old-fashioned

dish towels, placemats, table--runners, coasters, and pillows.


Here are some examples of designs created by Tres Manos Weavers.  Please keep in mind that each piece is going to be different and while you can request a specific pattern and colors, the exact pieces pictured may already be purchased.  Of course the uniqueness of the designs and the artistry that goes into each one is what makes a Tres Manos weaving so desirable.


The designs created by hand at Tres Manos are unique to each weaver.  Custom colors can be chosen and even matched to other accessories such as purses if you choose. Tres Manos weavers create more than just wearable art, they also have created items such as decorative pillows.


Are you looking for something in particular? Call Teresa Guerra at 575-635-8914 to discuss the possibilities of a weaver creating by hand something you can’t find anywhere else.  You can also fill out our custom order form here.  Please remember that the weaving of a piece, depending on the size and complicated nature of the design will take between eight and ten weeks

to complete.


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