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Unarmed Officers


Level I Security Specialist. Officers are certified for security event and facility protection when there is not a high risk security level, or entry and event control in a office or yard assignment. Officers can also be used for front desk security, store deterrence or officer information guide.


Officers are fully uniformed and equipped with officer level I equipment, Uniform, Badged, Sand Brown belt. Officers write daily and incident reports and provide other functions client may request. Please call for additional service functions.


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Armed Officers


Level II Security Specialist. Officers are certified for security high protection security where money, and any items of value may need a higher level of protection. Officers may do all functions as the Level I officer but have higher levels security training for the protection of valuables, life and property.


Officers are fully uniformed, trained and certified.  They provided a high level of security protection knowledge, armed and with full knowledge in law and enforcement rules.



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Private Investigations


The Private investigator is a gatherer of facts, researching and spending the greatest portion of the time collecting background information for

pre-employment checks on personnel, credit checks, and background checks of job applicants, insurance credit and investigation of insurance claims.


Much of it is non-crime related, although it may involve either part- or full-time undercover investigating of employee theft or detection of shoplifting.


Our private investigators have developed skills that include the ability to conduct good surveillance and background checks. Some cases involve undercover investigation and require a complete understanding of sometimes dangerous assignments including developing a cover and dealing with people who know information about the case. Our officers possess good verbal and written skills as well as analytical expertise and are trained to provide only the facts that can be presented in a court of law.


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Personal Protection


With the danger of kidnapping and threats from other areas including disgruntled employees, the demand for executive protection specialists, or bodyguards, in increasing.


According to the American Bodyguard Association (ABA), today's bodyguard must be more than a "tough guy." The protection specialist  of the 21st century must be well-trained and a professional. Training includes familiarity with the new technology threats including electronic bugging. However, the ABA also notes that the traditional self-defense and firearms training are also still very important. Also vital is common sense, the ability to pay close attention and patience.


Texas Enforcer LLC provides quality, state-of-the-art protection service training to these kinds of officers and complies with the Texas Department of Public Safety Standards.


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Unarmed Officers
Armed Officers
Personal Protection
Private Investigator

We provide commercial, residential, governmental and private security solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Select from the four choices below to learn more about our armed or unarmed security options. You can also learn more about our private investigation services or our personal protection services. If you would like to Request a Quote please do so here.


You may also call us at 915-772-4951 to learn more about our services. We offer security services in the cities of Las Cruces, Albuquerque and El Paso and the surrounding areas, including communities in the West Texas, Southern New Mexico and Northern Mexico regions.

NRA Basic Pistol Courses:


We have our basic pistol courses for those persons that want to learn the basic safety of how to carry and fire a pistol.  Fundamentals of safe gun handling.



Basic Firearm Safety

Safe Firearm Storage

  • In part I you will learn the importance for pistol safety and how to care and cleaning of the pistol.


Part II

Pistol Mechanisms and Operation

  • In part II you will learn fundamentals of pistol shooting, pistol shooting positions, revolver and semi -automatic parts and operation.


Part III


Building Pistol Shooting Skills

  • In Part III in this course you will learn good habits and shooting skills. This helps students learn and understand their pistol and the knowledge of overall safety.


The main focus of the NRA Basics Pistol Shooting Course is on helping the student develop knowledge, skills and attitude to safety and effectively handle and fire a pistol. Included in this course are knowledge about ammunition, and pistol types; selecting ammunition, pistol, accessories; gun handling; shooting positions; and pistol activities. These and other topics presented in this course to form core knowledge and skills used in all pistol shooting activities from informal recreational shooting though hunting, competition and self defense.


Basic Pistol Course




*Please note this courses are not for Security officers. And is for the general public and clients who want to learn basic pistol shooting.

NRA is not affiliated with no Law enforcement or Security Regulation Board.

* Texas Enforcer LLC. Does not give these courses to Security Officers as basic Security courses.

** Commissioned officers who work at Texas Enforcer are trained through a state approved school by the Texas Department of Public Safety and the New Mexico Regulatory Department.

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  • Escort Protection Service
  • Child Custody
  • Homicide Murder Investigations
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  • Bug Sweeps
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  • Corporate Information Retrieval
  • Film Restoration Services
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