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Over time, bathroom and kitchen surfaces become worn and cracked. These cracks are unsightly but more importantly, they are a risk to your health as they collect dirt, mold and bacteria.


“Reglazing” is a process used to repair and refinish dull, worn and cracked surfaces common in kitchens and bathrooms. Reglazing works on the following surface types:

• Porcelain

• Formica

• Fiberglass

• Cast Iron

• Cultured Marble

• Tile


Reglazing is inexpensive, fast and long-lasting. Because of this, reglazing has become an increasingly popular solution for reviving old kitchens and bathrooms.


Our talented technicians can reglaze a surface to any solid color and can transform an old worn bathtub, sink or countertop surface into a beautiful new fixture that greatly enhances the desirability of a kitchen or bathroom. Our reglazing process produces a finish that is beautiful and durable.

Reglaze vs. Replace


If you are considering changing the look of your kitchen and/or bathroom, reglazing is an option you should consider. Here is a closer look at the many benefits of reglazing.


Save Money:


No New Fixtures Because reglazing refinishes your existing bathroom or kitchen, there is no need to purchase new fixtures, saving you valuable cash.

No Plumbing Work


A complete bathroom remodel will require plumbing and other professional services-increasing the total cost. Reglazing is performed by a single trained technician and requires zero plumbing work.

Save time


Traditional bathroom or kitchen remodeling projects can take weeks to complete. A bathroom reglazing job will take just hours from start to finish-even if you want to change the surface color. Or even better, you can use your bathtub, sink or countertop the same day with our optional Express Process.

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